• Nobel Prize first given in 1901.
  • Founder of Nobel prize was Alfred Nobel
  • This award given in 6 Categories:- Physics, Chemistry, Medicine or Physiology, Literature, Peace and Economics. Each prize was worth of 8 million SEK ( US$ 1.2 million ).
  • This award given on 10 December as Alfred Nobel died on this date.
  • Nobel Prize for Physics and Chemistry given by The Royal Swedish Academy of Science.
  • For Literature given by Swedish academy of Literature.
  • For Economics by Bank of Sweden.
  • For Peace by The committee of the Norwegian Parliament.
  • For Medicine or Physiology by the Nobel assembly at Karolinska institutes.
  • First Indian to receive Nobel was Rabinder nath tagore in 1913 for “Geetanjali” in Literature.So, India receive first Nobel award in Literature and also first Asian to have this award.
  • First Indian woman receive Nobel was Mother Teresa in 1979 in the field of Peace.
  • Professor Abdul Kalam was only Muslim that get Nobel award.
  • Amartya sen gets Nobel in 1998 in the field of Economics

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