Current affairs question from march 2014

Q1. The lok sabha election dates that is announced by election commission of india?

Q2. India cricket player that is on 1st position declare by ICC on 9 march 2014?

Q3. South African cricket team captain who announced riterment from international cricket?

Q4. ICC Under 19 cricket world cup 2014 won by which country?

Q5. The film which awarded as best film in 86th Oscar award?
Q6. In which Indian state president rule imposed by president of india on march 1st2014?

Q7. International women day 2014 celebrated on 8 march under which theme?

Q8. Which former chief minister of delhi who was appoint as governor of which Indian state in march 2014?

Q9. Which group declared as terrorist by Saudi Arabia on 7th march 2014?

Q10. Indian states in which plastic photo identity card for election  are used first?
Q11. Ipl 7 held in 3 phase in which countries?

Q12. Name of Malaysian airline flight which was missing in south china sea on 8 march 2014?

Q13. The Indian famous author and journalist who died on 20 march 2014 in delhi at age of 99?

Q14. The country that lift states of emergency on 18 march 2014?

Q15. Who was appointed as interim president of BCCI by supreme court of india in march 2014?

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