Postal assistant / sorting assistant Exam 2013 solved English section

                                     Question Booklet Series:- B                                                                                    PAPER CODE : DNP-99
                                            Date :- 19 may 2013   

Directions: (Question no. 51 & 52 ) choose correctly spelt words
A.      Pasanger
B.      Pesanger
C.      Passenger
D.     Passenger
Ans – D
A.      Benefited
B.      Benefeted
C.      Benefitted
D.     Benifited
Ans – A
Directions : (Question no. 53. To 55) choose synonyms for given words:
Q53. Attain
A.      Accept
B.      Excuse
C.      Acquire
D.     Leave
Ans – C
Q54. Verify
A.      Testify
B.      Praise
C.      Acceptable
D.     Condemn
Ans- A
Q55. Immortal
A.      Dead
B.      Eminent
C.      Mortal
D.     Eternal
Ans – D
Q56. Point out the verb in the following words.
A.      Successful
B.      Successfully
C.      Success
D.     Succeed
Ans – D
Direction ( Question no. 57 to 59) which of phrase given below in each sentence should replace the phrase in Underlinded to make the sentence grammatically correct?
Q57. The small child does whatever his father was done
A.      Does
B.      Had done
C.      Has done
D.     Did
Ans – A
Q58. He is too important for toleratingany delay
A.      At tolerating
B.      With tolerating
C.      To tolerate
D.     To tolerating
Ans – C
Q59. Why did you not threw the bag away
A.      Did you not thrown
B.      You did not thrown
C.      Did you not throw
D.     Had you not threw
Ans – C
Direction (question no. 60 to 63) Choose the word which is the exact Oppostie of the given word
Q60. Enormous
A.      Tiny
B.      Weak
C.      Soft
D.     Average
Ans – A
Q61. Artifical
A.      Truthful
B.      Solid
C.      Red
D.     Natural
Ans- D
Q62. Expand
A.      Condense
B.      Conclude
C.      Convert
D.     Congest
Ans – A
Q63. Fraudulent
A.      Forthright
B.      Genuine
C.      Candid
D.     Direct
Ans -B
Direction (question no. 64 to 66 ) mark the appropriate words to fill in the blank
Q64. God helps those ________ help themselves.
A.      That
B.      Whom
C.      Who
D.     Which
Ans – C
Q65. It is raining heavily, take ______ umbrella.
A.      A
B.      Some
C.      The
D.     An
Ans – D
Q66. We have been waiting for the train __________ more than two hours.
A.      Until
B.      For
C.      Since
D.     From
Ans- B
Direction (question no. 67 to 69) identify the part of speech of the underlined  words in the sentences and mark the correct choice.
Q67. Good students are always successful in life.
A.      Adjective
B.      Pronoun
C.      Adverb
D.     Noun
Ans – A
Q68. The teacher was very pleased with me.
A.      Pronoun
B.      Adverb
C.      Prepositioin
D.     Conjunction
Q69. Cross the busy road carefully.
A.      Verb
B.      Adverb
C.      Noun
D.     Adjective
Ans – B
Direction ; change the following sentences into reported speech
Q70. Rahul said, “I am busy now”
A.     Rahul said that he was busy now.
B.     Rahul told that he was busy now.
C.     Rahul said that he was busy then.
D.     Rahul said that he is busy now.
Ans – C
Q71. Find out the sentence in passive voice.
A.      The judge scolded the culprit for his offence
B.      The culprit was punished for his offence by the judge
C.      The judge convicted the culprit for his offence
D.     The culprit apologized to the judge for his offence
Ans – B
Q72. Point out the correct sentence.
A.      The teacher said that the Earth moves round the sun
B.       The teacher said that the Earth had moved round the sun
C.      The teacher said that the Earth  moved round the sun
D.     The teacher told that the Earth was moving round the sun
Ans – A
Q73. Mark the correct passive form of the sentences
 I play cricket with my friends.
A.      Cricket is played by me with my friends
B.      Cricket was played by me with my friends
C.      I play with my friends cricket
D.     Cricket plays my friends with me
Ans – A
Direction (Question no. 74 to 75 ) identify the tenses in the following sentences
Q74. She reached the examination hall well in time.
A.      Pass perfect
B.      Future indefinite
C.      Present perfect
D.     Past indefinite
Ans -D
Q75. I am learning English from my uncle.
A.      Present continuous
B.      Future indefinite
C.      Past continuous
D.     Present perfect
Ans – A

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