DATE : 19 MAY 2013


Q 26. A compact disc player when sold for rs. 13,600 incurred a loss of 15%. At what price should it have been sold to make a profit of 35 % on the cost?
a.     20400
b.     19600
c.      21600
d.     None of these
Q 27. 66 cubic centimeter of silver is drawn into a wire 1 mm in diameter. The length of the wire in metres will be?
a.     128
b.     166
c.      84
d.     None of these
Q 28. In 4 years, rs. 6000 amounts to rs. 8000. In what time at the same rate will rs. 525 amout to rs. 700?
a.     3 years
b.     4years
c.      5years
d.     None of these
Q 29. A bus left with some definite number of passengers. At the first stop, half the passengers left the bus and 35 boarded the bus. At the second stop 1/5th of the passengers left and 40 boarded the bus. Then, the bus moved with 80 passengers towards its destination without stopping anywhere. How many passengers were there originally?
a.     50
b.     60
c.      40
d.     30
Q 30. The sale price of an article including the sale tax is rs. 1232. The rate of sales tax is 10%. If the shopkeeper has made a profit of 12% then the cost price of the article is rs.
a.     1000
b.     1120
c.      900
d.     950
Q 31. A man bought some mangoes at rs. 12 per dozen and bought the same number of mangoes at rs. 10 per dozen. He sold these mangoes at rs. 13 per dozen and gained rs. 160. The total number of mangoes bought by him was?
a.     80dozen
b.     90dozen
c.      60dozen
d.     70dozen
Q 32. A dishonest dealer uses a scale of 90 cm instead of a meter scale and claims to sell at cost price. His profit is?
a.     10.33%
b.     11.11%
c.      9%
d.     10%
Q 33. Sukriti and saloni are athletes. Sukriti covers a distance of 1 km in 5minutes and 50seconds, while saloni covers the same distance in 6 minutes and 4 seconds. If both them start together and run at uniform speed, by what approximate distance will sukriti win a 5 km mini marathon?
a.     250m
b.     275m
c.      200m
d.     225m
Q 34. It is 185 km from city A to CityB. If a bus takes 2 hours to cover the first 85 km. how long must it take to travel the final 100 km in order to average 50kmph for the entire trip?
a.     60minutes
b.     75minutes
c.      102minutes
d.     112minutes
Q 35. In an examination a student scores 1 mark for each correct answer and 0.25 marks are deducted for each wrong answer. If he attempts all 120 questions and secures 90 marks, the number of question he attempts correctly is?
a.     106
b.     96
c.      100
d.     None of these
Q 36. One side of a right angled triangle is 126 cm. the difference between the hypotenuse and the other side is 42 cm. the length of the hypotenuse is?
a.     189 cm
b.     210 cm
c.      168 cm
d.      None of these
Q 37. 12 men and 18 boys working 7.1/2 hours a day can do a work in 60 days. If one man works equal to 2 boys, then the number of boys required to help 21 men to do twice the work in 50 days working 9 hours a day will be?
a.     44
b.     46
c.      42
d.     None of these
Q 38. Choose the correct statement:
a.     An irrational number is a real number that can be written as a simple fraction
b.     A rational number is a real number that cannot be written as a complex number
c.      An irrational number is  a real number that cannot be written as a simple fraction
d.     A rational number is a real number that cannot be written as a simple fraction
Q 39. The income of ram if 20% less than shyam. Then shyam income is greater than ram by?
a.     30%
b.     15%
c.      20%
d.     25%
Q 40. If the price of oranges was less by 40% one could buy 32 more for rs. 120. The price presently is?
a.     1.50
b.     2.50
c.      3.00
d.     2.00
Q 41. A metallic cube of surface area 600 square centimeters is melted and cast into small stell cylinders of length 0.5 cms and radius 7 cms. How many complete cylinders can be cast?
a.     11
b.     8
c.      9
d.     None of these
Q 42. The ratio of cost price and sale price of an article is 10:11. The percentage of profit is?
a.     10%
b.     11%
c.      11.5%
d.     10.5%
Q 43. The incomes of A and B are in the ratio of 3:2 an their expenditures are in the ratio of 5:3. If each saves rs. 1000, the income of B is?
a.     5000
b.     4000
c.      6000
d.     None of these
Q 44. If rs 200 double in 10 years at a simple rate of interest. What is the rate of interest?
a.     10%
b.     8%
c.      5%
d.     None of these
Q 45. The average of three number is 77. The first number and second number is 78 and 79 respectively. Find the third number?
a.     71
b.     75
c.      73
d.     74
Q 46. In a stock clearance sale, bata shoe company announces 20% discout. If the discounted price of a pair of shoes is rs. 1520. Find its original price?
a.     1950
b.     2000
c.      1800
d.     1900
Q 47. If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 200% and the denominator is increased by 300%. The resultant fraction is 6/11. What was the original fraction?
a.     8/13
b.     8/11
c.      5/11
d.     7/11
Q48. If 6 men can do a piece of work in 20 days and one man can do the work of two boys, then in how many days can 10 men and 5 boys do the same work?
a.     10days
b.     12days
c.      8days
d.     None of these
Q 49. 12x16÷23/ 2XÖ9 = ?
a.     4/3
b.     4
c.      2/3
d.     None of these
Q 50. A man sold two watches rs. 99 each. He gains 10% on one watch and loses 10% on another. Find his gain or loss%?
a.     10% loss
b.     1% profit
c.      1%loss
d.     None of these 

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