Q 1. Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 6 hours and 8 hours respectively. If both the pipes are opened together, then after how many hours should B be closed so that the tank is full in 4 hours?
a.    2/3
b.    1
c.     2
d.    8/3
Q 2.Two numbers are in the ratio of 3:5. If 9 be subtracted from each, then they are in the ratio of 12:23. Find the number?
a.    15:28
b.    36:115
c.     33:55
d.    60:69
Q 3.       A dishonest shopkeeper, using a faulty balance make a profit of 5% while buying as well as while selling his goods. His actual gain percent in the whole process amounts to?
a.    11
b.    10
c.     10.25
d.    10.5
Q 4.       The price of an article has been reduced by 25%. In order to restore the original price, the reduced price must be increased by?
a.    25%
b.    30%
c.     33%
d.    33.1/3%

Q 5. A cube of edge 6 cm is painted on all sides and then cut into unit cubes. The number of unit cubes with no sides painted is?
a.    0
b.     64
c.     186
d.    108

Q 6. Internal bisector of angles B and angle C of a triangle ABC meet at O. If angle BAC = 80 degree, then the value of angle BOC is?
a.    120 degree
b.     140 degree
c.     110 degree
d.    130 degree

Q 7.       If sec Ɵ+ tan Ɵ= 2 then the value of sec Ɵ is ?
a.    4/5
b.    5
c.     5/4
d.    2

Q 8. If each interior angle is double of each exterior angle of a regular polygon with n sides, then the value of n is?
a.    8
b.    10
c.     5
d.    6

Q 9.       The side BC of a triangle ABC is produced to D. If angle ACD =108 degree and angle B = ½ of angle A , then angle A in degree?
a.    36
b.    72
c.     108
d.    59

Q 10.  In triangle ABC, AD is the median and AD = ½ BC. If angle BAD = 30 degree, then measure of angle ACB is?
a.    90 degree
b.    45 degree
c.     30 degree
d.    60 degree

Q 11. If  a+b+1 = 0, then the value of (a3 + b3 + 1 – 3ab) is?
a.    3
b.    0
c.     -1
d.    1

Q 12. A discount of 30% on the marked price of toy reduces its selling price by rs. 30. What is the new selling price ?
a.    70
b.    21
c.     130
d.    100

Q 13. Pipe A alone can fill a tank in 8 hours. Pipe B alone can fill it in 6 hours. If both the pipes are opened and after 2 hours pipe A is closed,  then the other pipe will fill the tank?
a.    6 hours
b.    3.1/2 hours
c.     4 hours
d.    2.1/2 hours

Q 14. A sells an article to B at a profit of 20% and B sell it to C at a profit of 25%. If C pays rs. 1200, then the cost price of the article originally is?
a.    700
b.    600
c.     1000
d.    800

Q 15. If the ratio of cost price and selling price be 9:10, then the percentage in profit is?
a.    11%
b.    10%
c.     11.1/9%
d.    9%

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