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Modern-day examination patterns are tricky and tough. The students reach out in search of essential help from various sources. Digital enhancement of the country’s educational model has turned the game on its head. Students of various age-groups are going online for better results. One of the essential parts of the modern-day education structure is competitive exams.

Competitive examinations single-handedly filter out the best from the rest. Government and private bodies conduct these exams based on a universal pattern. The high-contesting nature of these exams means that students have no time to sit idle. Every individual on their toes. These exams decide your way ahead in your career by securing job placements and offers. These exams also pave the way for higher-level education.
At, we provide the perfect set of Quantitative formulas. We deal with personalized Math tips and tricks for guaranteed success. The site caters toa wide range of Quantitative Aptitude topics. The availability of reasoning shortcuts makes it helpful for prospective candidates. We use visual aids and tutorials for candidates who are in the dilemma of how to solve aptitude questions.

Decoding the Myth of Competitive Exams:

Competitive examinations are often made a fuss about. People often lack proper guidance. The first step to analyze the pattern for these examinations is to divide the topics into various subcategories.

For the ease of understanding we can conveniently segregate the topics:
·       Quantitative aptitude (Mathematics)
·        Logical Reasoning
·        Numerical ability

Quantitative Aptitude Quantitative aptitude is the methodology of solving Mathematical problems. It assesses methods of calculation for numerical equations. The subject-specific deals with various sorts of calculation based topics. Various aptitude practice sites present a variety of questions for the candidates to study. The usage of aptitude tricks and shortcuts is of primary importance to optimize time management during tests. Some of the common Quantitative aptitude topics that can be easily solved by Quantitative formulas are:

·        Time, Speed and Distance
·        Averages
·        Profit and Loss
·        Number system
·        Permutation and combination

Basic aptitude formulas can be used to solve questions of mediocre toughness. For various quantitative aptitude question and their solutions, basic aptitude formulas are found on our website. The quantitative aptitude tutorials can be availed for the continuous upgrade of one’s problem-solving ability. This can be useful for every prospective exam candidate. A systematic pattern of learning followed by a student will help him to practice aptitude easily. The lectures and lessons are also provided in the form of aptitude notes pdf for the ease of retention.

Logical Reasoning:As the name itself says, logical reasoning is the application of individual logic to problem-solving. Reasoning lessons for high-level exams often involve reasoning shortcuts to optimize time consumption. The reasoning shortcuts are often based on logical interpretations that yield interconnecting relations for generic usage. Various reasoning shortcuts can assist in solving majority questions, but every question is different. Topics may often include:
·        Sequence and series
·        Logical interpretation
·        Puzzle-solving
·        Data solving
·        Critical path estimation

Numerical Ability: Mathematics tricks of all sorts are used to optimize the solution trajectory. The notion of how to solve numerical questions is difficult to deal with. This is primarily due to the random nature of solutions in an unorganized fashion. Numerical aptitude pdfs are available across thousands of websites. We at try to reduce the monotony and haphazardness of the concerned topic. Mathematics for competitive exams is dealt seriously and explained in its entirety to make the brain wheels turning.

Quantitative aptitude tutorial for Job openings and Bank Vacancies:

Various Banks across the country conduct their employment selection procedures online. To make it a fair and square event, the generalized pattern of these examinations is almost the same. The number of questions or marking pattern may vary, the outline remains the same. Some of the prestigious institutions such as SBI, RBI, PNB, and IDBI, etc. have flooding of applicants.

Quantitative aptitude for bank exams is not an alien commodity. The set of quantitative formulas remain the same and can be found in the aptitude notes pdf. Aptitude formulas are universally applicable. Topics of every examination are pre-declared. At, we continuously strive to provide the most useful aptitude test tricks. This, in turn, is useful for every banking aspirant.

Aptitude practice sites often provide mock papers for candidates. These are often accompanied by aptitude notes pdf and study material. Students can optimize their study schedules and fit these pieces perfectly.

Math for Competitive Exams and Bank Job Openings:

Mathematics tips and tricks are often quite useful for people from different educational backgrounds. Bank jobs always allow people of all domains to apply and contest their seats. Short trick math lessons often help people from non-mathematics background to cover up for the lost time.
Math for competitive exams is not as tough and scary as people make it sound. Aptitude website test modules often incorporate these questions for enhancing a person’s question-solving ability.
Apart from the regular study material and course books, there is a plethora of Numerical aptitude pdf available online. eliminates the unnecessary hassle and gives to the point suggestion. The website focuses on objective-based mathematics for competitive exams in various modules.

Important Aptitude Topics for Placement and Off-Campus Hiring:

Most of the famous aptitude websites have a sea of aptitude notes that offer a general study of quantitative aptitude topics as well as some simple mathematics tricks. These are extremely useful for making yourself competent for appearing in various placement drives.
Companies prefer to conduct the initial set of exams in the form of quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning tests that need the implementation of a wide variety of aptitude test tricks to give a deeper understanding of how to solve aptitude questions.
Some of the important aptitude topics for placement are:
·       Distance and speed based questions
·        Number System
·        Probability and Statistics
·        Mixtures and Alligations

These topics are covered thoroughly in the numerical aptitude pdf and can be simply understood by placement aspirants. The fun fact of studying topics of such kind is that once they are practiced, they stick with the brain for a long time. The implementation of reasoning shortcuts is not only in written papers but also in the direct interviews and face-to-face selection rounds as well.

Choose to Use Math Tips and Tricks for Placement success:

All the hard work put in by 1000’s of students finally brings them to placement drives and job hunts. One of the common blockades faced by these aspirants is their unfamiliarity with Math. Sometimes, it can make the shy away from even opting for such career strategies. At, we understand this problem and simplify the aura of mathematics by breaking it down into its constituents. We prepare every user by quality lessons of mathematics for competitive examinations and provide them with numerical aptitude pdf for regular usage.

Importance of On-Time Solution for Better Results:

The whole idea of competitive exams is to judge students how they perform under pressure. May it be for admissions or job placement or higher degree, the ability to respond quickly and correctly is important. The optimized use of aptitude tricks and shortcuts can help the candidates to save essential time for longer and denser sections of the exam paper. At our idea is to groom every user and guide them about how to learn aptitude easily. Most of the aptitude based important formulas are available to be easily seen and applied.

Most students are well aware that sections of literature and apprehension need more time and are usually error-prone. But the proper use of aptitude formulas ensures that every question of the relevant nature leads to an error-free answer.

Reasoning shortcuts lead to a simpler and decoded sense of understanding of complex questions. With a better solving ability, the examinee takes as less as only one-third of the actual time to solve these questions.

Video Lessons and Text-Based Learning:

As a matter of one’s individual choice, a person can choose either audio-based, video-based, or text-based learning. For some students, the ability to understand basic aptitude formulas is much simpler when they use text-based learning.
Other often use quantitative aptitude tutorial on videos and live sessions to enhance their problem-solving ability and also get a hang of the real methods of solving questions by putting the aptitude test tricks to actual use.

As active contributors to the field of application-based learning as well as results-oriented learning, we cater to every changing need of our enrolled candidates and subscribers. doesn’t only provide the common stuff, we also utilize the opportunity to share practical lessons and videos from multiple sources. Using these, the students can eliminate the requirement of roaming around on aptitude websites and use that time for learning.

Even the most complicated topics are easily explained using mathematics tricks and hence it becomes a useful and productive step for the candidates to simply enroll and subscribe to the fresh and hand-picked content.
Brief Summary of the Website: is not just an ordinary website that provides stale or bland educational material. The continuous efforts that go in the upkeep of our services ensure that we keep upgrading and updating with each passing day. Every exam and every section of competitive or technical stream is focused upon and nothing escapes our sight.

The uniqueness of methods coupled with problem-based learning and one-click access to stats and tutorials means that site hopping is a thing of the past. The downloaded files are authentic and thoroughly checked to ensure that every lesson is complete and fool-proof.

From emphasizing the importance of learning Math for competitive exams to the quintessential use of short tricks for math, the subject-specific deals with all.
The regular updates of the functioning of the website are easy to avail of. Even exam alerts and press releases or fresh question papers from recently concluded sessions are made available. The wide spectrum of topics we deal with is what makes us a unique existence.

Learning material for a student right from primary standards and onwards to the placement and job-based module are segregated and ready to be used. Even modern-day analogies and dissimilar topics are addressed, thus maintaining the chain of thoughts in an orderly fashion.

Message to our Learning Partners and Competitive Exams Aspirants:

May it be the numerical aptitude pdf or the best reasoning shortcuts, we aim to provide you with all of it. By joining hands with us across various social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, you can keep yourself up to date with the latest facilities of numerical aptitude pdf download and much more of similar nature.

The links can be simply shared across Whatsapp and other digital platforms to enable our young partners in spreading the knowledge and involving themselves in brainstorming. We also invite your valuable suggestions and healthy feedbacks that can endlessly help us providing more regular quantitative aptitude tutorial, e-learning material, readily available numerical aptitude pdf and reading material, and scribbles for candidates of various age groups. Join us and feel free to share your views on making us better with each passing minute. We shall strive to serve every educational need of every aspiring candidate.
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