Q1.  ( 456 X 456 + 144 X 144 + 2 X 456 X 144) = ?
a.250000      b.360000     c.375600      d.361600

Q2.  (1-1/3) (1-1/4) (1-1/5) ….. (1-1/n) = ?
a.1/n              b.2/n              c.2(n-1)/n     d.2/n(n+1)

Q3.  When a number divide by 156 gives 29 as reminder? Then that number divide by 13 what will be the reminder?
a.3                  b.2                  c.6                  d.1

Q4.  Three number are in ratio 3:2:5. Sum of their square is 1862. Then which is the smallest in these three number?
a.24                b.21               c.14                d.35

Q5.  24 men work for 7 hour daily complete work in 27 days. Then in how many day 14 men work for 9 hour daily complete that?
a.28                b.30               c.36                d.32

Q6.  A man spends 60% of his income. His monthly income is 3000. How much he will save?
a.1500           b.1800          c.1400           d.1200

Q7.  (x+1/x) = 5, then (x3+1/x3) = ?
a.180             b.110             c.125             d.80

Q8.  Average of 13 number is 68. Average of first 7 number is 63 and last 7 number is 70. Then what is the number at 7th place.
a.56                b.47               c.49                d.31

Q9.  A person travels from A to B at an average speed of X km/hr and return from B to A with average speed of Y km/hr. what will the average speed for whole distance?
a.x+y/2xy     b. 2xy/x+y    c. 2/x+y         d.(1/x+1/y)

Q10.  A and B age difference is 16. 6 years ago A age is triple to B. What is the present age of both A and B?
a.15                b.30               c.45                d.20

Q11.  5(x +3)= 25 (3x-4) what is the number at ‘x’?
a.5/11           b.11/5           c.11/3            d.13/5

Q12.  Ram income is 25% higher than shyam. Then how much percentage less income of shyam than ram’s income?
a.15                b. 30              c. 20               d.25

Q13.  The number of square tile of 20cm required to cover a square courtyard of area 64m2is?
a.1598           b. 1600         c.1602           d.3200

Q14.  the mean of ten number is 7. If each no. is increased by 5. Then new mean will be?
a.17                b.7                  c.57                d.12

Q15.  A hall has dimension 24x8x6. Find the length of the longest pole that can be placed  in the hall?
a.26                b.28               c.30                d.36

Q16.  If two cubes have volumes in the ratio 1:27 than the ratio of the areas of their respective face will be ?
a.1:3              b. 1:9             c. 1:6              d. 1:18

Q17.  Simple interest for 4 year at the rate of 9% per annum on an amount of rs 20,000 is ?
a.1800           b.5400          c.6400           d.7200

Q18.  a boy take 20 minutes to reach the school at the speed of 12 km/hr. If he wants to reach the school in 15 minutes his speed will be?
a.15 km/hr   b. 16km/hr  c. 18km/hr   d. 15km/hr

Q19.  12 man complete a work in 20 days. If only 8 man had been employed for the same work, how much time would it have taken?
a.24                b. 25              c. 30               d.35

Q20.  if a no. is reduced by 10% and then again increased by 10% the resultant number will be 99 and what will the original number?
a.99                b. 100                        c.101             d.102 

Q21.  If a2+a+1=0, then one value of a3+1 is equal to
a.2                  b. 4                 c.0                  d.1

Q22.  If a number is decreased by 10%. It become 54. By what percentage should it be increased to make it 72?
a.20                b. 10              c.12                d.21

Q23.  a man crossed a street 600 metres long in 5 minutes. This speed in km/hr is?
a.7.2              b. 10              c. 8.4              d.3.6

Q24.  The marked price of a watch is 400. After allowing a discount of 25% on the marked price, there was still a loss of 20. The loss percent is ?
a.9.2/3          b. 12              c.8                  d.6.1/4

Q25.  To complete a work A takes 50% more time than B. if together they take 18 days to complete the work, how much time shall B take to do it?
a.18                b. 23              c. 28               d.30


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