Q1. The Ratio of two number is 3:4 and their HCF is 5. Their LCM is?
a.20         b.60         c.15         d.12
Q2. A man sold 250 chairs and had a gain eq        ual to selling price of 50 chairs. His profit percentage is ?
a.20         b. 25        c. 50                d. 15
Q3. The Sum of the square of 3 consecutive positive number is 365. The sum of the number is?
a.30         b.33         c. 36                d. 45
Q4. A is thrice good a workman as B and therefore is able to finish a job in 40 days less than B. working together, they can do it in how many days ?
a.14         b. 13        c. 20                d. 15
Q5. A solid high circular cylinder and a solid hemisphere stands on equal base and have same height. The ratio of their whole surface area is?
a.3:2                b. 3:4       c. 4:3       d. 2:3
Q6. If x:y= 3:4, then value of 5x-2y/7x+2y=?
a.7/25      b. 7/23     c. 7/29     d. 7/17
Q7. If I purchased 11 book for rs. 100 and sold 10 book for 110, then percentage profit per book is ?
a.10         b. 11.5     c. 17.3     d. 21
Q8. In an Examination, 1100 boys and 900 girls  appeared. 50% of the boys and 40% of girls passes the exam. The % of candidates who failed is ?
a.45         b. 45.5     c. 50                d. 54.5
Q9. If 2A=2B=4C, then A:B:C?
a.6:4:3     b. 4:3:2    c. 3:4:6    d. 2:3:4
Q10. A sum of money placed at compound interest double itself in 5 years. It will amount to eight times itself in how many years?
a.15                 b. 12        c. 10                d. 20
Q11. If the square of the sum of two no. is equals to 4 time of their product, then the ratio of these no. is?
a.2:1                b. 1:3       c. 1:1       d. 1:2
Q12. Ratio between the monthly income of A and B is 9:8 and the ratio between their expenditure is 8:7. If they save 500 each. Find A’s monthly income?
a.3500     b. 4000    c. 4500    d. 5000
Q13. A washing machine is sold at a discount of 30%. If a man buys it for 6580. Its list price is?
a.7500     b. 8600    c.9400     d. 6990
Q14. Two no. are in ratio 3:5. If 9 subtracted from each, then they are in the ratio of 12:23. Find the number?
a.15:25    b. 36:11   c. 33:55   d. 60:69
Q15. The average of two number is 6 and the average of the reciprocal is 3/16. Then the number is?
a.3&8      b. 2&10   c. 8&4     d. 7&5
Q16. (0.6)4– (0.5)2 / (0.6)2 –(0.5)2 = ?
a.11         b. 0.11     c. 1.1       d. 0.1
Q17.If the average of the 39,48,51,36,75,83,x, and 69 is 60. Then the value of ‘x’ is?
a.52         b. 53        c. 50                d. 51
Q18.    25X3.25+50.4/24= ?
a.84.50    b. 83.35   c. 83.53   d. 82.45
Q19.  A shopkeeper proposes to sell his goods on cost prices but use 800 gram instead of 1 kg. what is his gain percentage ?
a.15         b. 30        c. 25                d. 35
Q20.  1250 is distributed among A,B and C in the ratio of 5:7:13. What is the difference between the share of C and B ?

a.296       b. 286      c. 288      d. 328


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