1. Name of Ganga River in Bangladesh is PADMA.
  2. President give resignation latter to Vice President.
  3. Ram tanu pandey is real name of Tansen.
  4. Hampi Caves are in Orissa.
  5. Transistor invented in 1948.
  6. Decibel is the Unit of Sound.
  7. Gandhi ji birth on 2 october 1869 at porbandher in Gujarat.
  8. “Karo ya maro” slogan given by Gandhi ji.
  9. Delhi became capital of India in 1912 shifted from Kolkata.
  10. Extremely cold places are best for tea farming.
  11. Currency of Japan is Zen.
  12. Bhihu  Festival celebrated in Assam.
  13. Arjun Award first given in 1961.
  14. NATO head office in BRUSSELS.
  15. Butterfly word used in Swimming.
  16. 1 horse power equals to 746 watt.
  17. Moti masjid built by Shahjahan.
  18. National Library is in Kolkata.
  19. Mahatma Buddha is known as light of Asia.  
  20. Bandipur national park is in Karnataka state of India.
  21. Bhakra Nangal dam is built on Satluj river.
  22. SAARC group head office in Kathmandu (Nepal).
  23. Microphone invented by Graham Bell.
  24. Sardar Sarovar Project is on Narmada river in Gujarat.
  25. Rajasthan according to Area is the largest state in India.

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