General Knowledge Quiz

Aung San Suu kei is a native of which country?

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Who is known as Indian Bismarch?

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Chandigarh city was designed by which?

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Vasco de Gama was a ?

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Who Discovered insulin?

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Aryabhatta Was India's Re owed ?

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Bismillah Khan is associated with?

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Who is known as Flying Sikh?

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Late Vijay Laxmi Pandit Was?

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Which Chief Minister served for the longest Tenure?

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General Knowledge SET 2

 1 The planned Development Model was adopted in india from :- 
 A April1,1925
 B August ,15,1947 
C January 26,1950
 D May 1, 1965  
2 Which one of the following is the chairman of the national Development Council? 
A Prime minister of india 
 B Finance minister of india 
 C President of india 
 D vice-minister of india


3. Which of the following states of india is famous for rubber cultivation?  

A Karnatika 
 B odisha 
 C Andhra pradesh 
D Kerala  
4. Which is the following is part of fiscal policy?  
A Production policy 
 B Tax policy
 C Forign policy 
 D interest policy 
5 ‘NREGA ‘ was renamed ‘MANREGA ‘ ON ? 
A October 2,2007 
B Febuery 2, 2008 
C October 2, 2009 
D October 2, 2010 

6 The Indian rupee was made converitible into which of the following account since march 1994? 

A Capital Account
 B Current Account 
 C Both A and B 
 D Revenue Account  
7 The insurance Regulatory and development Authority was set up in india on-? 
A April 2000 
B April 2001 
C April 2002
D April 2003 

8 Who is the author of the book ‘ The Accumulation of capital’? 

A Mrs. Joan robinson 
B Adam smith 
C Lord maynard Keynes
D None of above 
9 Whichof the following state /states will be benafitted by the proposed ‘Kishan Dam’ project ?
A Haryana 
B Uttarakhand and Himachal pradesh 
C Jammu Kashmir 
D Assam  
10 Which of the following has won gold medal of wimblondon under 19 Gold- tournament of 2014? A Unmukta chand 
B Leander paes 
 C Lakshya sen 
 D Saina Nehwal 
11 The American war of independence took place in the year? 
A 1775-1783 
B 1876-1879 
C 1878-1881 
D 1788-1789  
12 which river is also called the ‘ Sorrow of Bihar ? 
A Alaknanda 
 B Kosi 
 C Teesta 
 D Mahanandi  
13 Chistoper Colombus discovered ? 
A india 
 B Africa 
 C East Indies 
D West indies 
14 Where was the first cotton mills established in india ? 
A Ahmedabad 
B Surat 
 C Mumbai 
D Coimbatore 
15 mahadev gobind Ranade Founded the ? 
A prathana Samaj  
B brahma Samaj 
C Arya Samaj
D theosophical socity 
16 The largest island in the world is?  
A Greenland
 B Sri Lanka 
 C New Zealand 
 D Sumatra 
17 The maxium strength of Rajya Sabha ? 
A 249 
B 245 
C 248 
D 250 

19During whose reign was the jama masjid at delhi built ? 

A Akhbar 
 B Babar 
 C Shahjahan 
 D jehangir 
20 Which of the following is also called th ‘ city of lakes ‘?
 A Jaipur
 B Indore
 C Mysore
 D Udaipur